Invest in the right people

If you are not careful, you will give yourself to the wrong people. People who do not deserve your energy. Blinded by the craving of love you never had. Maybe you thought if you give yourself freely, it would make you and everyone around you happy. But most will not accept all or parts of you. Or maybe just the easy parts. The socially acceptable parts, but you are many facets.

Do not suppress yourself because others do not approve of you. You need that support to express yourself freely so you can grow and become the best version of you. Invest in the right people for there is only so much you can give. When you give, you give hard.

2 thoughts on “Invest in the right people

  1. I swear since I slowly began the process of eliminating negative energy from my circle. My outlook has become brighter, I am becoming more focused on things that matter and things that me make me internally happy. The universe will listen and move the right ones in place of the old. And boy when you are surrounded by positive people…. SOAR


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