Learning not to be Ashamed of Feelings

One of the ways growing up in a dysfunctional environment can really scar you is by learning not to trust yourself. I was told I shouldn’t have certain feelings or emotions. I was told I was a bad person to feel or think a certain way. If I expressed any kind of hurt emotions I was told to stop being so sensitive and suck it up. Stop being a crybaby. Stop being so sensitive. Learn to take a joke. Toughen up. Don’t raise your voice. Don’t get mad. You have no reason to cry.

Im still learning how to navigate most of these feelings and emotions when they come up. I still feel ashamed for having them when I do. The best thing for me is to be around people who will support and validate my emotions when they do arise.

I was given that toxic program but I know I have the strength and courage to change it one day at a time.

I am still learning how to trust myself with myself.

One day.

6 thoughts on “Learning not to be Ashamed of Feelings

  1. I am so excited for your journey. My entire household has fallen victim to the same type of programming. I feel responsible for my kids, that I should have somehow protected them when the truth is I was weakened just as they were. All I can do now is work on me and be an example. Are you a military spouse?


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