Understanding and Recognizing your Triggers

I have been using the term “triggering” lately.

I’ve been thinking about why certain emotions have been coming back lately. Making me feel like I’m taking two steps forward and several steps back. I’ve either read or heard this term being used and now I’m starting to recognize my own triggers. I’m recognizing why I feel the urge to get away from certain people or situations. Why I don’t like watching anything with violence or sexual abuse. I’m understanding the need for that warning in the beginning of shows in that nature.

I’m starting to understand the real importance of continuing to weed out all the negativity in my life. Anything or anyone that can trigger these negative emotions. Those emotions arise and bring me back to my past and I’m noticing when I get stuck in those thoughts I lose focus on my future goals. These emotions drain my energy and drag me down. I procrastinate. My mind gets foggy. My body aches. My diet sucks.

Walking away is easier said than done but it’s not impossible. That’s just part of the journey.

4 thoughts on “Understanding and Recognizing your Triggers

  1. Read recently that pain is inevitable—and, as with all experiences—it passes. Suffering is optional. It’s what happens when we resist pain— by avoiding pain, desiring something else, or clinging to pain. Notice pain. Label pain. Let it pass. Move to the next experience.

    Also easier said than done. Trying it

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  2. I agree 100%. Finding your triggers is half the battle. Learning how to avoid them at all cost. Everday I have been actively trying to stay focus a battle indeed


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