Mental capacity overload 🤯

I’m having a hard time adjusting to life right now. Everybody is asking for way too much from me right now. Ever since having my son, I love him dearly, he gets most of my attention and patience. When it comes to some other people, I feel like they are asking too much. The person who is supposed to support me through this process is not making it any easier. His insecurities are getting the best of him and he doesn’t understand how to support me when I’m trying to accomplish some goals. He is being overly sensitive. He doesn’t get how to look after my mental health because his mental health needs a lot of work too.

He asked if I was happy with him and I told him that I had already told him I wasn’t happy when he asked me the last time. He thinks it’s my depression and that I’ve been frustrated lately. I don’t get it, so he knows I’m frustrated but yet is still asking me if I’m happy with him, when him even asking me this question is causing me stress!

I’m still adjusting to having to share my life with somebody. I’ve isolated myself for so long that having someone next to me all the time drains me. Then being around a lot of people for more than a few hours gets me drained as well. Plus, I’m taking an English class to finish my degree and that’s taking so much of my mental capacity! I haven’t written an English paper in 15 years so having to set my mind to that plus everything else going on in my life is making me go loca.

I have confidence that I will get through this strong. I just need to be greedy with who and what I give my time to. I’m going to have to get better at time management. I know it’s a learning process and the way to achieve that goal is take a step forward each day that passes, no matter how big or small.

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