Who Can You Trust?

The main reason I started this blog is to inspire others. I am passionate about helping young people, especially girls, who don’t have a mentor or any positive guidance in their lives. I’ve been there. I only remember some school counselors trying to get through to me but I never felt that anyone else really understood what was going on inside of my head. I’ve had to figure it out on my own timeline and find my own path.

I was one of those girls who had no positive guidance and had to cope with life all on my own.

The people who are supposed to be the ones keeping you safe are the same people who cause you great harm and distress. It does a number on your psyche. You can grow up with a lens that sees the world as a place of great danger and threat. You are always on the defense. You create other unhealthy coping mechanisms to keep the world away. If you can’t trust the people who are supposed to keep you safe, then who can you trust?

I want to help others feel safe and to learn to trust themselves. Sometimes all you need is for someone to listen and feel heard. Someone who can truly understand the pain you are suffering and help you feel like you are not alone. Even if I inspire just one person to realize their potential and worth, it can have an effect on people around them and help them out and so on… I hope my posts about what goes on in my life will help one individual feel like they are not alone.

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