Listen to That Voice

It’s a vision of mine to help people, specifically Latinas. We, who have been through a lot of trauma and have learned to put up a wall for survival. We have been through so much that we have learned to numb ourselves since a child. We are numb.

When I decreased the dosage of my meds a year and a half ago, all of these emotions have come up that I’ve been suppressing for idk how long. They were voices inside of me that have been numbed for so long and have felt like they have been awakened from the dead. The really hurt scared traumatized girl was screaming for me to listen. I believe these meds force us to numb ourselves because of the physical pain but these same voices need to stop being ignored and be acknowledged. We need to listen to these voices and understand what they are really trying to say. Give guidance with these voices with the adult in you.

When you are raised in a household where nobody communicated with each other about feelings and emotions, you were never taught how to cope with these big feelings in a healthy and productive way. We were left to try and figure out these big scary feelings on our own from no fault of our own. Instead of comforted, we were shamed for showing any emotion.

It becomes even harder to really listen to these voices because they are just too painful, so we numb it out. With relationships, drugs, alcohol, sex, exercising and become addicted to working.

We need to listen and have compassion to these voices that have been suppressed and forgotten about for decades. Let’s listen to them and figure out what these voices are really trying to tell us.

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