Your Feelings Are Valid

We are allowed to experience feelings. We should not allow others to try and dictate the way we feel. We should not allow ANYONE to manipulate us into thinking we are a bad person because of a feeling we are experiencing. We are experiencing feelings for a reason, its called our intuition. A women’s intuition never fails. If we stop and think about why we are feeling a certain way, we can find the answer, if we keep searching deeply within ourselves. The problem is we can be so blinded by others because we were made to believe that we are not allowed to feel a certain way since a baby.

If we cried because we were scared, we were scolded because we should not be scared. If we cried because we were in pain, we were punished because it should not hurt. If we got upset because we didn’t feel comfortable with a certain person or people, we were ignored. If we wanted our mother, our mother was told not to spoil the baby too much when it is impossible to spoil a baby with too much love and attention. Our very survival is dependent on human touch. Don’t believe me? Study about it and prove to me I am wrong.

If you feel like you need a break from your children, it is ok. Listen to your body and give it what it wants. If it wants you to start a garden, do it. If it wants you to just relax on the seat and read a good book, go for it! As mothers we are allowed to want a break from our children for a little bit of me time. We will not allow anybody to make us feel guilty because if we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody will.

2 thoughts on “Your Feelings Are Valid

  1. So many of us need to work on listing to that intuition. Its usually so right. Yet many of us have been trained to ignore it. Ignoring it has caused me to loose out on so much valuable time and energy.
    My body already knows whats best for me, its time I listened.


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