Learning to Embrace Change

It’s been awhile since I last posted because my mind has not been in the right place. Grieving is hard, even when whatever you lost was toxic to your soul. It feels like a part of you has died, it hurts so bad. Your feelings can weigh you down. They can make you doubt a decision that was difficult to make but necessary for your growth.

These feelings can bring about negative thoughts that will lie and criticize you. Thoughts that will try to keep you down and fear the unknown.

Changes are difficult when you are programmed to fear it. Your thoughts can trick you into fearing change and keep you stuck in a life full of misery and pain.

Change is required for growth. The only way to grow is for change to occur. Go against what we have been programmed to believe and follow our intuition and gut feelings.

Change is inevitable whether we like it or not so instead of resisting, we can embrace it and use it to build the life we want to live. A life that brings us joy and happiness instead of pain and a deep feeling of emptiness.

Have a vision of what kind of life you want and do something everyday to get closer to what you envision. Doesn’t matter how big or small. Even the tiniest steps can add up to big changes and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Wishing you all peace and abundance.

One thought on “Learning to Embrace Change

  1. Change can be difficult

    That inner critic is louder and even more critical when we feel loss

    Know that our thoughts and judgments can make it even more difficult

    When my mind is stuck I hike uphill

    This aerobic exercise flushes the poisons and gives my mind and body achievement

    Look for the door or doors that are opening not the one that just closed

    Good luck


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