Loneliness Isn’t Always About Being Alone

I have many memories of being surrounded by people who are supposed to be friends and feeling alone. I would just want to sit in a corner and be in my own inner world with my closest friend. There are some times that I have started to cry because I felt so alone. Some people would say I would do it for attention but in reality, I didn’t even understand why it happened. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t happy being around most people.

There were only a few people I felt comfortable with because I felt that they sort of got me, but even those people didn’t really understand me. The more inner work I do, I’m starting to understand why I’ve always felt the most alone being around other people. I felt misunderstood and emotionally disconnected from everyone around me. The only people I have felt any kind of connection with are people who have been through some real fucked up shit themselves.

3 thoughts on “Loneliness Isn’t Always About Being Alone

  1. I Been Having without.. Emotions …. And I remember this from when I was younger. Had a Friend that Felt the same … we Would Always smile .. but hold each other and cry at night or call eachother…. and stay on the phone for hours almost All Night … Just keep in mind … We All Feel Alone .. Even When Surrounded .. with Things or People that Create Happiness… it’s hard to Feel… Lately for me .. Not sure what emotions I Have ….. But We have to Be Strong.. try to at least ……. For the Ones that need Us


  2. When there is no connection you can feel totally alone even if surrounded by many. I have been learning that its not the people around us its the energy that we give comes right back to us. Rather than feeling alone surrounded by people, have we learned to master the art of emotionally connecting with ourselves first. Once we are comfortable and happy within others will join in. The universe has a funny way of reflecting how we feel on the inside.

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